Ryan Eliason’s Visionary Business Mastery

Become an Unstoppable Force for Good in 2020!

Turn Your Calling to Be of Profound Service Into a Viable Business That Generates an Abundant Income and Plenty of Free Time to Enjoy It!

An Invitation From Ryan...

I’d like to invite you to join a revolutionary program to turn your calling to be of profound service into a viable business that generates an abundant income and plenty of free time to enjoy it!

But first, I have a few important questions for you...

Do you have a vision of humankind coming into complete and loving harmony with itself and the natural world – a world where nobody gets left out, and we all win? Do you see a spiritually awake, socially just, sustainable planet?

Is your highest dream and calling to be a part of the solution, while making a great living, and enjoying a wonderful life at the same time?

Are you a powerful unstoppable force for good, or destined to become one, but you haven’t quite figured out how to turn all that positive energy into the thriving business you envision?

Join me and my team for the 12 month Visionary Business Mastery program and we’ll show you how to turn your vision into reality. Dreams really can come true, especially when they’re aligned with the highest good of humanity and the Earth itself!

​​With a holistic approach, you can have it all... impact, income and a freedom lifestyle... and it can all be 100% aligned with your deepest values and highest vision for your life and humanity.

And you don’t have to do this alone. You can enjoy the journey with your soul tribe of like-minded, heart-centered entrepreneurs. Together, you will master the methodology my clients have used to collectively generate tens of millions of dollars in new business.

If you’re thinking, “Yeah baby! That’s for me!”, then join us for an epic 12-month journey that will change your life.

I invite you to take a few deep breaths, relax, and tune into your heart. You will know if this program is meant for you. Trust that feeling.

​Here’s to enjoying the world-class support you deserve!

Visionary Business Mastery Is for You If...

  • • You’re ready to fully heal your relationship with money and open the flood gates to a rushing stream of prosperity that is directly linked to the profound positive difference you long to make in the world.

  • • You’re a socially conscious individual who cares deeply about the future of life on Earth.

  • • You have a big bold vision for yourself and for the contribution you want to make.

  • • You value community, and would like to be a contributing member of an international tribe of supportive changemakers that will energize and support your highest potential for the rest of your life.

  • • You want to help build a movement that is transforming business into a powerful force for good in the world.

  • • You desire to use business to dramatically grow your impact, income, and free time.

  • • You’d like to have a rock solid confidence in yourself and your vision, as well as an uplifting sense of purpose.

  • • You’d like to have a practical step-by-step plan and all the support and mentoring you need to take you from where you are now, all the way to your highest vision.

  • • You would enjoy an unparalleled heart opening year that has you “fall in love” with humanity, yourself, and your higher purpose on a much deeper level.

  • • You are ready to have 2020 be the year that marks a dramatic shift in all of these areas.

  • ​​Does this sound like you? If so, please join us and you’ll begin to wake up every morning to a life of purpose, prosperity, and play!

Successful Clients in a Variety of Professions

Life Coaches
Health & Nutrition Coaches
Counselors & Therapists
Professional Speakers
Yoga Teachers
Non-profit Directors
Summer Camp Directors
Spiritual Teachers
Financial Planners
Graphic Designers
Tree Maintenance Experts
Media & PR Consultants
Real Estate Agents
Event Planners
Software Consultants
Professional Chefs
Childcare Providers
Dancers & Dance Instructors

Business Coaches
Relationship Coaches
Massage Therapists
Seminar Leaders
Business Consultants
Social Entrepreneurs
Web Developers
Landscape Designers
Network Marketers
Executive Recruiters
Mortgage Brokers
Parenting Teachers
Sales Consultants
Jewelry Makers
Dog Walkers

Manufacturing & Distribution Business Owners
Stay-at-home Moms and Dads with Businesses
... and many more!

Here’s What You Receive as a Member of Visionary Business Mastery

12 Monthly Training Sessions with Ryan
Each month you’ll receive an in-depth video or webinar training session. We’ll cover 12 areas of mastery essential to manifesting your highest potential in business. Topics will center on the most important keys of success culled from over 25 years of starting and growing socially conscious businesses.

12 Monthly Group Coaching Sessions with Ryan
Each month you’ll have plenty of access to Ryan on live group coaching calls where you’ll get concrete
answers to your specific questions about building your business. You’ll also get his support to breakthrough any limiting beliefs or ways of being that are preventing you from moving forward powerfully.

​8 Small Group Mastermind Skill Building Sessions
A mastermind format is facilitated by Ryan and the VBM Coaches with large group guidance followed by a virtual classroom breakout session. You’ll receive helpful feedback as you practice the skills and tools you’re learning in the program.

Private Visionary Business Facebook Group
Receive immediate access to our private “VBM members only" Facebook group where you can ask questions, get support from Ryan and our coaches, and network with the other visionary business builders in this program 24 hours per day 7 days per week.

Templates, Checklists and Examples
Each monthly training session will be accompanied by easy-to-follow, step-by-step action steps, as well as downloadable checklists, templates and examples to guide you in implementing the topics covered.

​Transcripts and Downloads of Trainings, and Recordings of Group Coaching and
Mastermind Sessions

​Can’t attend live? No problem. You’ll receive all the insight, wisdom and guidance of the training
sessions in written and downloadable form, plus the group coaching sessions are recorded for you.
Access them online or via the mobile device of your choice.

Video Recording of 3-Day Training: “Master Your Time and Your Marketing” - 10x your productivity, double your free time, design your ideal lifestyle, and implement a marketing campaign that skyrockets your results and income.

​Video Recording of 3-Day Training: “Master Your Mindset and Your Money” - Embody the successful visionary entrepreneur you were meant to become. Open the flood gates to a rushing stream of prosperity that stems directly from the massive positive difference you’re making in the world.

​Video Recording of 3-Day ​Training: “Visionary Business Live” - ​Get all the inspiration and guidance you deserve.   Learn to wake up every day to a life of Purpose, Prosperity, and Play.  Day 1 = Client Attraction and Money Mastery, Day 2 = Inner Game Mastery, and Day 3 = Time and Lifestyle Mastery.

The Comprehensive 
Visionary Business Mastery Curricula

Build a Strong Foundation

• Create a strong foundation that can gracefully support significant growth.

• Clarify your compelling purpose, mission, and vision!

• Perfect your “Success Plan” — 100 times more powerful than a traditional business plan.

Master the Inner Game of Success

• We all know your mindset is at least 90% of success! Get the coaching, mentoring and
community support you need to embody your highest potential self.

​• Become an unstoppable force for good so you can achieve your bigger vision!

• Identify limiting beliefs and transform them.

Master Your Time

• Master your time in order to prioritize better, dramatically improve your productivity, become more proactive, minimize distractions, and apply the 80/20 rule.

​• Establish habits and structures that empower you to follow through consistently.

​• Double your free time and begin to live your ideal lifestyle while growing your business.

Master Heart-Centered Marketing

• Discover your “sweet spot” – the overlap between your purpose/mission, skills/talents, and what people buy.

• Master the art and science of authentic, mission based marketing to quickly build a massive email subscriber list.

• Master the use of email to move people through your funnel.

​• Clarify your niche (your ideal clients) while developing your world class marketing plan that gets results.

Master Client Attraction and Enrollment

• Get clear on your business model and the best strategies for you to attract clients.

​• Master the implementation of all five stages of client attraction: 1) Attraction, 2) Relationship Building, 3) Extending Invitations, 4) Enrollment, and 5) Retention.

​• Enjoy enrolling a high percentage of potential clients as you infuse your sales conversations with love and authenticity.

Master Technology

• Learn the secrets to quickly and inexpensively create awesome looking web pages that convert, even if you’re not tech-savvy.

• Choose and integrate the best software within your budget – email marketing, content
management and delivery, membership sites, web hosting, online collaboration, teleclass and webinar technology, etc.

​Master Hiring and Empowering a Team

• As you build your business, you’ll want a supportive team that empowers you to make the positive impact you long to make while enjoying your ideal lifestyle.

​• Learn the secrets to finding, hiring and motivating skilled (and affordable) people for things like graphic design, web design, shopping cart management, copywriting, customer service,
and more.

Master Launches

• Launches can generate 5 figures 6-figures, or even 7-figures in just weeks.

​• Learn my step-by-step process for launching a product, program, or service which creates a massive flood of clients — a rush, on demand, any time you want.

​• Make a strategic launch plan (based on my template), identify the resources and roles you need to fill, then smoothly execute your plan with support and guidance.

Master Online and Offline Events

• Learn how to design, promote and conduct webinars, livecasts and live in-person events that give tons of value, catalyze transformation, build your movement, and attract clients.

​• Learn how to get large numbers of people to register and attend your events.

​• Learn how to structure your content, engage your audience fully, and maximize your client enrollment.

​​Master Copywriting

• Learn how to write emails, landing pages, sales pages, and posts that inspire people to register for your free offers as well as purchase your paid offers.

​• Learn how to write presentation scripts (video, webinar, event, etc.) that give value and inspire people to register and buy your product or service.

Master Making Compelling Offers

• Learn how to design and deliver irresistible offers that compel people to say YES.

​• Learn how to package your products, programs, or services so that people want to jump on board immediately.

​• Learn how to set the price for your offer, and how to structure payment plans.

Master Collaboration and Joint Ventures

• Transforming your competitors into your collaborators is one of the easiest way to rapidly grow your business.

​• Learn everything you need to know about “Affiliate Marketing” and “Joint Ventures” – how to attract marketing partners who will promote you and create win-win cross promotions.

​• Create successful Joint Ventures with members of our community!

​​​Master Social Media and Advertising

• Learn highly leveraged Facebook, social media, and advertising strategies to expand your out- reach, visibility, and influence.

​• Learn to use blogging, articles, and SEO (search engine optimization) to grow your list.

• Master the use of video in your marketing.

The VBM curricula will give you the exact skills you need to avoid the time wasters, money wasters, and years of struggle it takes most people to build a thriving business and a life you truly love!

​Your Coaching and Support Team

When you become a member of Visionary Business Mastery, our team becomes your team...

​Ryan Eliason believes that supporting socially conscious entrepreneurs is the best way to make a leveraged, positive impact on the world’s most pressing problems. He’s the author of How To Make A Lucrative Career Out of Profound Service, the founder of The Social Entrepreneur Empowerment Network, and the creator of Visionary Business School and Visionary Business Mastery. As one of of the world’s top coaches for socially conscious entrepreneurs, over 350,000 changemakers from every country on earth have participated in his trainings.

​Michael Sheely (VBM Coach) has helped individuals and organizations discover powerful strategies to fulfill their missions and make profound differences in the world. Combining his background in business and nonprofit work with extensive training in coaching and personal development, Michael delivers deep and caring support for his clients. Michael is going into his fourth year as a coach with Ryan and Visionary Business School.

​Meredith Canaan (VBM Coach) ​is a professional relationship, family, and business coach. She is the founder of Canaan Coaching & Consulting, the Moms Relationship Support Network, and creator of The Mommies Game. She works with families struggling with parenthood and who have children with executive function issues like ADHD and other complex problems. Meredith has been working with Ryan Eliason since 2014. She is a knowledge seeker and seminar lover.

​​Aryana Rollins (VBM Coach) ​​is a transformational mindset coach for entrepreneurs. For the past 12 years, Aryana has guided clients to release fear, doubt, and worry so they can access their highest potential. Her clients have accomplished “nearly impossible goals,” including doubling and even quadrupling their income, by working with Aryana’s gentle yet firm-handed guidance. Aryana has over 12 years of international coaching experience and she is a BCC Board Certified Coach.

​​​Stasha Washburn (VBM Coach) ​​started her coaching career as a coach for athletes but soon discovered that all of her clients owned their own businesses. After realizing that she was helping her clients run their businesses more than she was helping them improve their race times, she refocused her career on business coaching. Her dream is to continue connecting, transforming, and helping the world become a better place.

What the Visionary Business Mastery Program Can Do for You

“Ryan’s course is the most organized, clear, and well-designed program out there. I was welcomed into a community of changemakers where I could find my own niche and identity. In its first year, Bright Line Eating brought in $2.6 million. We chose to reinvest those funds into staff and infrastructure to reach and serve more people, and now have a platform that will allow us to change literally millions of lives. Because of Ryan’s help, I know that I am doing what I was meant to do in this world.”

Susan Peirce Thompson CEO of Bright Line Eating Solutions

“Before I discovered Ryan and his program, I was in complete chaos and one giant ball of confusion. Ryan showed me the steps I needed to take to start my business, but most importantly, he gave me the mindset to believe in myself. I now have a 7-figure business, and work only 12 days a month or less! I get to travel the world and spend time with my family. All of this is because of Ryan’s support.”

Sage Lavine - CEO of Women Rocking Business

“After we lost our savings in 2008, I was overcome with anxiety about how to provide for my family. Ryan provided
key guidance and coaching that helped me grow The Food Revolution Network from zero revenue into a $300,000
company in its first 6 months. We now have a 7-figure enterprise standing up for healthy, sustainable, humane
and delicious food for all. I know we wouldn’t be where we are today without Ryan’s help.”

Ocean Robbins - CEO of The Food Revolution Network

​“Before I started Ryan’s program, I felt desperate, isolated, and too afraid to share my 5-year vision with anyone because it felt so audacious. Just a couple of months after Ryan’s program, I was actually living my original 5-year vision. I’ve launched 2 online summits which drew a combined 27,000 listeners from 177 countries! My recent launch brought in 60 new students and $25,000. I can’t recommend the program highly enough!”

Stacey Murphy - Grow Your Own Vegetables Garden Coach

“​I work for One World Children’s Fund, a nonprofit that engages in social change grant-making
around the world. We have more than doubled our revenue thanks to Ryan’s coaching and the fundraising model he shared with us.

Rucha Chitnis - Former Executive Director, One World Children’s Fund

“Words cannot express how happy I am that I signed up for Ryan’s program. Since putting it into practice in my business, I reached a conversion rate of 88% and tripled my clientele and income in only 6 months. It was worth every penny I invested and then some.”

Emmanuelle Chaulet - France Performing Artist’s Coach

“​When we first hired Ryan as our business coach, our start-up company was just a vision combined with a compelling business plan. Eleven months later we have given birth to a growing enterprise with 30 full-time employees, a factory, a supply chain, and a product we’re proud to share with the world. In one year we reforested over 200 acres of Ecuadorian rainforest and helped provide right-livelihood to over 600 farmers.

Tyler Gage - President, Runa

Fast Action Bonuses

When you register for Visionary Business Mastery within 48 hours of your Clarity Coaching Call you will receive these additional Fast Action bonuses.

​​​1-Day Virtual Retreat: Master Your Business Model, Niche and Marketing Message -$997

​You will design a path of profound service that is deeply fulfilling. You’ll also develop a strong foundation that attracts an abundance of perfect-fit clients, and you’ll walk away with clarity on your vision, purpose, mission and a powerful Success Plan that turns ​2020 into your best year yet! (January)

​​​​​1-Day Virtual Retreat: Master Your Time and Your Mindset - $997

​Put a practical plan in place to simultaneously 10x your productivity while doubling your free time and living your ideal life-style. Step into being your highest potential self— the person you need to be in order to achieve your highest vision! (May)

​Two Surprise Guest Training Sessions with Live Q&A - $997

​​We can’t tell you what these are yet, but they will be awesome and they will be chosen based on the greatest needs of our community. Only the best for our VBM clients!

​​​​​​​​Visionary Business School Home Study Version - $1,997

​Get my popular 12-module program that has empowered thousands of visionary entrepreneurs to start and grow successful visionary businesses.

​​​​​Profitable Facebook Ads Step By Step - $1,997

​​This 14 module self-study course delivered by one of our most trusted colleagues will empower you to design and
implement effective Facebook advertising campaigns to grow your list and enroll clients.

​​​​​Ryan’s Rolodex of Resources - $525 

​​​You’ll get Ryan’s Rolodex of Technical Resources and recommendations which represent hundreds of hours of research and experimentation. This will save you time and money.

Total Value of Fast Action Bonuses: $​7,510

Pay In Full Bonuses

Choose the pay in full option and receive these additional bonuses...

14 Ways to Add Up to $10,000 of Revenue in 30 Days - $10,000
Ryan will walk you through some very specific step-by-step strategies and proven methods that you could implement right away to generate as much as $10,000 in only 30 days through your business. He’ll include several strategies that you could use even if you’re just getting started.

Grow Your Business to 7-Figures - $297
Some of you have a really big vision, and you can see yourself growing a business to seven figures and beyond. In this bonus module Ryan will share the key mindset shifts and strategic priorities you need to focus on if you want to scale your business this dramatically.

​6 Additional Special Guest Expert Training Sessions - $1,993
​These six guest expert pre-recorded training sessions will inspire and empower you, as well as help you to go even deeper
into the VBM strategies.

Total Value of Pay In Full Bonuses: $​12,290

​​​Your Investment

​You’ll get all the details including your payment options for Visionary Business Mastery when you speak with one of our coaches.  We think you’ll be shocked ​to find out how truly affordable we've made your investment for VBM.  ​For a limited time you'll be able to join us for less than ​20% of total value of the program + bonuses outlined above.  We also have a generous payment plan available to make it even more affordable.

Optional Additional Private Coaching 

​​Private Coaching With ​A Visionary Business Coach
If you want to go faster and create even bigger results in 2020, ​you may want to add private coaching to your program​. You'll be matched with one of Ryan’s highly experienced Visionary Business Coaches who has been personally trained by Ryan to support you with mindset breakthroughs, as well as implementing the skills and tools from Visionary Business Mastery.  Private coaching is not sold separately.

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